Pet Services

Our private, in-home care and training services ensure your pets receive the utmost care and individual attention. 

Puppy Kindergarten

Obedience Training

Behavioral Modification

Private Consultations

Personalized Programs


With over 35 years of experience training dogs professionally, we can help your pets to become polite, well-mannered companions. We offer private training sessions that ensure your pet receives the individual attention and quality training that he or she deserves - all in the comfort of your own home.

Weekly & Monthly Schedules
Healthy Routines

Regular exercise is very important for all dogs and walking is a great way to give your dog a routine and help them remain calm and happy by burning energy and socializing. However, with a busy schedule, fitting your walks in is not always easy! 

Your pet can stay home where he or she feels most comfortable. We make sure your pet has companionship and stimulation while you are away.

Dogs, Cats, and More!
Customized Sitting Options 
Frequent Updates
Food, Water, and Socialization

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