Pet Sitting

Pet sitting offers an opportunity for your pet to stay home while you are traveling or working. We keep you updated the entire time! Our pet sitting services include...

Home Visits

Fresh food and water
Potty Breaks
Playtime and lots of attention
Administering medications or vitamins (by request ONLY)
Litter box maintenance
Status updates

Pets play a large role in our lives, and working people are choosing to provide them with a good life. At Rover's Run, we are proud pet parents, just like you! We understand the demands of balancing your work and personal life. That is why we believe it is important to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pet is safe at home being treated with love, respect, and care.


Most important is companionship and lots of love and personal attention for your pet!
We can also provide other personal pet services such as administering certain medications, bathing, brushing, and exercise. By request, we can also bring in your mail and/or newspapers, turn on lights, etc. 

We love all animals!

We aren't JUST dog people, we are PET people. Our Rover's Run family consists of dogs, cats, and even a blue macaw! We love all animals and can accommodate your pet sitting needs no matter what type of pets you have at home!

Best of all, our services are all are designed based on your needs and the needs of your pet. 

Schedule a consultation with Sam so he can learn more about your goals and get acquainted with your dog(s). 

Schedule a consultation with Sam so he can learn more about your pets!

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