Sam Mastroianni
Owner and Head Trainer
Sam Mastroianni has trained dogs professionally for over 35 years. He understands pets and their owners and has a strong reputation in the community as an expert and caring dog handler. Sam studied obedience and Schutzhund training under Dr. Mary Belle Adelman, a renowned trainer, author, and behaviorist.
In his time as a trainer, Sam has worked with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. He understands that each and every dog is an individual with a unique personality. Because of this, Sam's philosophy on dog training is that each dog deserves personalized, individual attention and training. 
Sam is committed to providing the most effective and convenient solutions to his clients' dog training needs. His approach to training is a customized reward-based program that is fun and enjoyable for both the dog and the handler. This personal approach creates a strong emotional bond and brings out the best in your pet.


Meet the Team!

Cindy Mastroianni
Administration and Training Support
Cindy Mastroianni is Sam's wife and business partner who provides support both on the business end of Rover's Run as well as the service end. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business as well as a Master's in Organizational Studies. 
Cindy's background in management at a large Pittsburgh-based company provides her with the skills and experience to manage the day-to-day operations of Rover's Run. 
In addition, she provides service support by acting as a distraction during training sessions and occasionally providing walks and pet sitting services. 


The Rover's Run Family





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